Role Switch

The International Women’s Day this year was widely discussed in motorcycling community in Lithuania. We celebrated it in uncomfortable way: I asked a writing and traveling soul, colleague Egle to talk and I made a photoshoot about the issue we always encounter. It was still snowing outside, organising took couple of weeks, but we did it!

The main idea is that motorcyclists women “suffer” nasty comments, views and actions. A lot, actually… Of course if they are alone, no boyfriends,- we agreed.

In a photoshoot we change positions: now men are like a “babies” by the one&only woman ;)

Here are some thoughts (in English) and the article with gallery.


01 Justas Lengvinas07 Justas Lengvinas 0517 Alessio Corradini 0322 Monika Sutkute FINISHAldona Pieva&Co _2017-03-08 DA BEST



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